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The Center for Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation (CATR)

 Sheba Medical Center & TAU

The center of advanced technologies in rehabilitation (CATR) is a highly multidisciplinary center at the crossroad between the fields of motor control and locomotion, cognitive neuroscience, neuro-rehabilitation and engineering. We investigate action and perception mechanisms, and adult brain plasticity in healthy and clinical populations.


PI: Prof. Meir Plotnik

Research Facilities and Projects

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Lab Available Setups

We use a unique experimental set-up which integrates and records simultaneously 360° virtual-reality environments, electrophysiological measurements and kinematics.

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Cognitive-Motor interactions

How do different systems interact together to give rise to human behaviours? We explore the properties of cognitive motor interactions, taking into consideration also affect-related modulations, within ecological settings, in both healthy and pathological populations

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Gait and Balance

Gait and balance are both crucial skills for efficient interactions with the external environment. We characterize gait and balance mechanisms as well as their interactions with various sensory signals in healthy and pathological populations


Motor Learning & Rehabilitation

We study novel diagnosis and rehabilitation paradigms utilising advanced technologies.

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