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Available research Setups

We have a unique combination of VR technologies and motion/physiological sensors, which enable us to capture various aspects of human behaviour, while manipulating experimental environment. Our setups include (1) a large-scale 360 degrees VR facility inside a spherical dome, combined with a split-belt treadmill that can be adjusted by self-pace​, enhancing the ecological nature of the experience. (2) immersive VR with head mounted display combined with kinematic tracking controllers, allows translation of experimental paradigms to portable forms applicable also for special populations and clinics. (3) motion capture systems allow sampling locomotive and hand movements in high spatio-temporal resolution and analyze kinamtics. (4) A bio-signals acquisition system by ANT (The Netherlands) records EEG, EMG, skin conductance, ECG, and respiration signals wirelessly using state-of-the-art software and hardware. This system allows our researchers to understand physiological mechanisms and body responses to different scenarios. (5) Additionally, we have various robotic systems which share an interface with human performance, thus facilitating motor learning and rehabilitation. 

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