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Prof. Meir Plotnik

I am a neurophysiologist, and my studies and subsequent research focused on motor control and vestibular function. I have about 30 years of experience conducting both animal and human research, on motor control and vestibular function (balance control). I am always open to new ideas and collaborations engaged with the combination of physiology and technology in basic science, clinical applications or device development.

Scientific director of CATR since 2012 and a faculty member of Sackler medicine department in Tel Aviv University.

Scientific Director


Dr. Benedetta Heimler

Senior Researcher

I am a cognitive neuroscientist with extensive experience in sensory-motor plasticity and rehabilitation.

I direct and manage CATR research on Parkinson’s disease (PD), with a focus on gait and balance motor disorders and freezing of gait. My research spans from basic science questions aiming at uncovering neural/physiological signatures of PD motor symptoms, to the development and implementation of cutting-edge rehabilitation programs aiming at reducing these symptoms, and thus improving the quality of life of PD patients.

Mey pic_shrpen_square.jpg

Dr. Meytal Wilf

Senior Researcher

I am a neuroscientist with a wide background in neuroimaging of sensory cortices and in VR training. 

I joined CATR as a senior researcher, managing studies related to cognitive-motor interactions in healthy participants and in patients populations. In my research, I use VR combined with physiological and kinematic recordings, to unravel the complex cognitive-motor interactions giving rise to human behaviour,  as well as to identify pathological interactions that might cause deficits in daily-life function. 


Yotam Bahat

VR expert

I am responsible for creation of VR environments, both for clinical and research use, and for the implementations of the scenes in the CAREN Labs.
This includes:

  • 3D modeling and texturing

  • 3D animations

  • Programming all functionalities to suite the CAREN labs (proper projection, moving platform, treadmill, other inputs/outputs)

  • Relevant MoCap settings.

In addition, my responsibilities are technical maintenance and troubleshooting, operating in selected researches and staff training.


Or Koren

R&D Engineer

R&D engineer specializing in physiological signal processing, alumnus of the Bio-Medical Engineering department at Afeka College of engineering.


Noam Galor

R&D Engineer and lab manager

R&D engineer specializing in biomechanics and Parkinson's disease research. Additionally, the research coordinator and labs' activity manager. An alumnus of the Bio-Medical Engineering Department at Ben Gurion University. 

Coral Sheffi

PhD student

I am a Neuropsychologist experienced in neuroscience research in the field of perception. I have a Master's degree from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and currently doing my Ph.D. at the Center of Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation (CATR) through the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. As part of my Ph.D. research, I am studying the affective modulation of integrative cognitive, motor, and neurophysiological processes in healthy and clinical populations using VR.


Adi Lustig

PhD student

I am a biomedical engineer with a BSc degree from Technion institute of technology and a MSc degree from Tel-Aviv University. 

I am currently doing my PhD studying integrative neurophysiological processes in health and disease using virtual reality at the Center of Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation (CATR) together with the Sackler faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.


Dr. Amihai Gottlieb

Research Coordinator

I am a cognitive scientist, working as a research coordinator in CATR for the past 7 years. During my work in CATR, I was involved in coordinating a major EU funded project for 3 years. Currently, I am assisting in publishing journal and conference papers and submitting grant applications.


Mishel Kasperuk

MSc student at TAU Sagol clinical programme

Project Title: 'Eye tracking in Parkinson's patients with stagnant walking - FOG'

Alona Korakin.png

Alona Korakin

MSc in collaboration with Jason Friedman TAU

Project Title: 'Relation between fall-risk and Eye-Hand coordination during cognitive task in the elderly'


Israel Finkelstein

Arrow Project for outstanding medical students 

Project Title: 'Self-paced treadmill walking in VR ecological conditions - does virtuality follow reality?'

Shaked Lev


I am a Physical Therapist specializing in neurological rehabilitation. My experience spans multiple institutes including the Multiple Sclerosis Center, the Virtual Reality Training Facility (using the CAREN labs and different VR environments) and the Gait Laboratory. 

Alongside this, I am a Master’s student for Physical Therapy at Tel Aviv University under the instruction of Dr. Meir Plotnik and in collaboration with Dr. Jason Friedman.

Past Team Members

Shani Kimel-Naor

Biomedical R&D engineer and activity coordinator. An alumnus of bachelor's and master's degrees from the Biomedical Engineering department in Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Uri Rosenblum Belzer

Physiotherapist, Ph.D. from Ben Gurion University.Studied 

balance recovery processes using kinematic and physiological signals.  

Lotem Kribus-Shmiel

Biomedical R&D engineer. alumnus of the Biomedical Engineering department at the Technion, Israel (IIT). 

Dr. Desiderio Cano Porras

PhD in collaboration with Tel-Aviv University, Investigating how VR can influence motor learning and sensorimotor integration in neurological patients.  

Oran Ben Gal

2016-2020. Biomedical R&D engineer, and MSc together with Bio-Medical Engineering department at Ben-Gurion University. 

Efrat Burshtein, MD

Motor asymmetry in Parkinson's disease: relation with freezing of gait

Maya Cohen

2016-2020. R&D engineer. alumnus of the Bio-Medical Engineering department at Tel-Aviv University.

Zoya Katzir

2016-2020. PhD in collaboration with Tel-Aviv University. 

Evyatar Arad

R&D engineer specializing in physiological signal processing, alumnus of the Bio-Medical Engineering department at Ben-Gurion University.

Adam Grinberg

Physical therapist specializing in orthopedic and sport physical therapy, alumnus of Tel Aviv University.

Itamar Deniger

2016-2018. Senior researcher with cognitive neuroscientist background  

Amit Benady

MD-PhD in collaboration with Bar Ilan University, medical degree at St. George’s University of London in conjunction with Sheba Medical Center.


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